Docady Officially Launches Document Storage App on iOS

Docady stores and organizes a user's most critical documents, including IDs, contracts and more.

Docady, an app for storing and accessing important documents, has officially launched on iOS. While technically available since April 2015, this official launch includes optimized features after three months of user feedback.

With Docady, users can import documents from popular cloud storage services, or scan their documents manually into the app. The app separates documents into major categories like financial and medical information, and supports everything from driver’s licenses and birth certificates to apartment lease agreements, employment contracts and much more. Users can import content from Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Google Drive, Yahoo and OneDrive.

A new feature, Docit, allows users to discover important documents which may be ‘lost’ in their email or cloud storage boxes. Described as ‘Tinder for documents,’ Docit allows users to view all of their documents, with right and left swipes storing or discarding each file, respectively (discarding a file doesn’t delete it from the original cloud storage service).

In a statement, Docady CEO and co-founder, Nadav Naaman, commented:

The Docady app was born out of my own personal experience—finding myself in situations where I desperately needed access to important documents like my kid’s medical records or a copy of my car insurance, but never having them on hand. We’ve noticed that you’re rarely by your computer or filing cabinet when you really need access to an important document, and with the Docady mobile app, you don’t have to be.

Docady’s camera includes document recognition to make editing easier, while image processing will identify expiration or renewal dates. In turn, Docady will notify users when one of their documents is set to expire.

Docady co-founder and chief technology officer, Nadav Weizmann, added:

Digitization is only the first step in taking our documents online. Docady is about understanding the meaning in your documents to help you manage, interact with and respond to them more effectively. For example, we can make sure you never miss a deadline by sending smart notifications about upcoming expiration dates, helping you avoid the hassle we often associate with bureaucracy. Just as our important documents are much more than slips of paper to us, at Docady, we’re about intelligently understanding the ‘dumb image’ of a digital copy so that we can help you manage it better.

Docady allows users to import and organize documents for multiple people, and supports giving these users access to viewing and editing documents within the family or contact tree. Documents can also remain private to the initial user. Docady locks content behind a four-digit pin, chosen by the user, and also supports Touch ID for unlocking the app.

Docady is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app is coming soon to Android.