Do You Want Your Facebook Friends to Know Where You Are?

How much do you want your Facebook friends to know about you? Well if you are among the hyper connected crowd, you may just want to let your friends know about your exact whereabouts. That’s exactly what Brightkite’s new Facebook Connect integration lets you do. Brightkite is an extremely simple application that lets users post location-based updates. You can simply check in, post status updates, or upload images, all of which are location specific.

As soon as you check in you can have your Facebook status updated or a message posted to your profile news feed. It’s an interesting concept but I’m not sure that most Facebook users will be updating their friends with their location. There has also been speculation that Facebook will integrate location features directly into their Facebook application.

Competition in the mobile location based services (LBS) area is fierce. A couple weeks ago I wrote about the potential for Facebook to buy Loopt. While I doubt such an acquisition would take place, it’s clear that LBS companies are a hot item nowadays. Brightkite is an interesting application in that it essentially mimics a lot of the features that were included in the now failed Dodgeball site that was acquired by Google a couple years ago.

The site has gained a relatively significant amount of traction among social media enthusiasts but I’m not quite sure how far it has spread beyond those individuals. According to, the service has been hovering between 150,000 and 200,000 monthly active users. It’s too early to determine what the impact of Facebook Connect will be but so far around 100 people have integrated the service with their profile.

My guess is that number will jump significantly in the next few days. Do you want to be updating your friends with your whereabouts? Is this too much information to share with your friends?

Brightkite Newsfeed Notification

Brightkite Location Screenshot

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