Do You Want to Speak From the Grave?

igoodbyeMom says: “The ‘paperwork’ is in the bottom drawer.”
Son says: “If you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about, I don’t want to talk about it!”

If that conversation sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Most people do not like to plan for death. Unfortunately, it’s a grim reality. The last thing you would want to do is leave your family in the cold after your passing because of some paperwork glitch.A new Internet service, iGoodbye, let’s you leave critical financial and personal information to heirs without having to give it to them before you are actually gone.

The interesting point about the service is that it addresses private items and issues that people may not want to divulge in a a will. For example, account passwords or deep, dark family secrets. The Website let’s you get the information to your loved ones – after your death – without involving the family lawyer.

To use iGoodbye, you simple specify the recipients of this information and upload encrypted versions of the documents intended for each recipient. This means the potential heir will need a password to access the information.

Worried that they won’t have the patience to wait for your body to get cold to access the info? Frear not. iGoodbye requires a copy of a death certificate before handing over any information.

The service is $29.99 a year. You have the option to choose to pass the cost on to a loved one after you’re gone. Now that’s just not right – but kinda funny.

How does the law look upon iGoodbye? Not sure. Proceed with caution.