Do You Want or Need A Job?

Because it’s the ones who say “I need to work in PR” who find jobs, says Arik C. Hanson, principal of a Minnesota-based communications firm.

On the other hand, just “needing” a job isn’t any good either. A local agency owner told Arik, “I don’t want people who ‘need a job’, I want people who want a job HERE.”

So with that in mind, here are Hanson’s tips for getting that job.

1) Be targeted. “Develop a list of all the organizations and agencies you would love to work for. Start there. And focus ALL your time and energy on those targets.”

2) Master your elevator pitch. “I was pretty surprised last Thursday at our HAPPO Hour event. I met some incredible students. But very few of them had a polished elevator speech.”

3) Remember to research your targets. “VERY few people put in that time and effort prior to a meet-up. Be one of those people. It will pay off.”

4) Always follow up. Keep in your new contacts’ “frontal lobe” as Hanson says and you’ll be the first one they call when something opens up.