Do You Recognize This Man?

The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson visited the DMV in Georgetown Park Mall Tuesday morning. While in line, a gentleman approached and told him he looked a lot like Tucker Carlson and asked, “Are you?” Carlson replied, “No, I’m not.”  The two men continued to chat, FishbowlDC informant and National Geographic Traveler Contributing Editor Carl Hoffman, who was on the scene, told us.

Hoffman said Carlson waited in the DMV line patiently. “Yep, patient and otherwise gentlemanly. And he actually had a pretty long convo with the guy who asked him if he was him.” Our spy Hoffman was nothing if not thorough: “A) I watched him fill out paperwork; and b) I heard them call his name later. Definitive.” Curiously Hoffman also said the well-known D.C. personality was playing a fantasy video game on his iPhone. “I’ll spare my sartorial judgments,” Hoffman said.

We asked Hoffman if he obtained Carlson’s long form birth certificate to verify that it was really him. He never answered.

Carlson fesses up to most of the above. Yes, he was at the DMV. Yes, he denied being himself. But no, he wasn’t playing video games. “I hate video games,” he told FishbowlDC. He said he never confesses to who he is in public when strangers approach. “No, I never cop to being myself, and they always seem to believe me,” he said. “I do usually point out that Tucker Carlson is one suave, brilliant character, though.”


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