Do you Read HP? Pottermore Would Like to Know

Pottermore isn’t selling ebooks yet, but that doesn’t mean they’re not on anyone’s mind.

The Pottermore eBookstore was due to open this fall, but that didn’t happen. Due to the overwhelming complexity of the Pottermore website, the eBookstore was delayed until at least next year.

A new survey was posted on Pottermore over the weekend, and clearly someone’s planning ahead. The survey is 14 questions long, and it is focused on Harry Potter, eBooks, and audiobooks. It looks to be market research, and it asks about what you read, the devices you use, and it also tries to measure your enthusiasm for buying HP ebooks.

Folks, I strongly encourage you to go participate in the survey. I have some concerns that if the response isn’t enthusiastic enough, we might not see the eBooks released at all. Readers have to care for it to be worth the effort.

Pottermore is going to be the only legitimate source of HP eBooks, so if it never opens then we’ll be stuck with just the pirated copies. That doesn’t benefit anyone.