Do You Need A Twitter Detox? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you getting quizzical looks from your coworkers when you saunter up to their desks and ask them “#howwasyourweekend”? Or do you find yourself constantly refreshing after sending out a tweet, waiting for the retweets to pour in – and becoming depressed when they don’t?

You might be suffering from social media addiction. And, just like other addictions, the best way to kick it is by detoxing.

The first sign of social media detox is “Tweet Speak”. You find yourself answering in 140 characters or less, and directing your replies to your friends using their @username.

Or maybe you’re suffering from Lol-tism, when you spell out “L-O-L” repeatedly after hearing something hilarious.

And then there’s Ahab Syndrome. This is a dangerous condition that sees you spiral out of control whenever Twitter or another of your favorite social networks is down, even going so far as to destroy your Mac Book in rage.

There are many signs and symptoms of needing a social media detox, so which one(s) do you suffer from?

Here is the infographic from Column Five for all of your self-diagnosis enjoyment (click to enlarge):