Do You Need A Facebook-Focused Keyboard?

Check out this new social keyboard specially designed for the hardcore Facebook user.

The $30 Social Network Access Keyboard adds a gimmick to something already available for free: keyboard shortcuts for Facebook.

More commonly referred to by its initials the SNAK is designed to “give your mouse a rest” and has 19 evenly distributed nineteen Facebook hot keys on the sides of the keyboard, significantly more than the number of free shortcuts out there.
I’s true that the SNAK offers a variety of Facebook options that traditional keyboard shortcuts do not. For example, one of the top-right icons will automatically take you to a Facebook page to upload a video from your webcam or hard drive, while at the bottom left of the keyboard you’ll find shortcuts to the site’s help center and your friends lists.
The distribution of the touch keys seems a little random (why is there a sleep button that will put your computer into hibernation on the top right? Why is what we could argue is the most important short cut – your Home Page – uncomfortable places on the bottom left corner?), but the good news is that these hot keys become automatically disabled once you sign out of Facebook. It is unclear whether there is a manual option to disable said keys if you still want to protect your privacy but do not log out every time you’re away from the computer (guilty as charged).
Below, we’ve embedded a video on how to use Facebook keyboard shortcuts on your current computer setup, followed by another clip showing the new SNAK keyboard.
Would you rather buy SNAK or use the free keyboard shortcuts?