Do You Live in a Happy Place?

frown1Ever wonder if you lived in a particularly depressing or (on the opposite end of the spectrum) happy area in the world? FrowningSmile is the website that tracks and monitors that! For the time being it only has the capability to track by country, rather than city/state/province within the country.

Okay. But how the heck could a computer program monitor, track, and evaluate a country’s happiness or sadness? Well this system is built to query twitter and blogs that belong within that country. It then assigns a mood according to key words or phrases (for example, a twitter status of “I love ice cream” may be assigned in the happy category).

Past the functionality of checking up on how your country “ranks” on the happiness scale, there isn’t much else to do on this site. Further, it doesn’t list future enhancements or plans of what to do with this “unique happiness system” as they call it. This website has a somewhat sketchy measurement system and does not give its users a reason to return. All in all, the website has an interesting concept but did not execute it correctly nor did they build off it.