Do You Know The 5 Statistics That Measure The Health Of Your Web Video Campaign?

How do you measure the success of your online video campaign? Is a campaign successful just because it gets a lot of views and can a campaign that doesn’t get a lot of views still be seen as a success? We’ve put together a list of five different metrics that you can look at to determine whether or not your online video campaign is a success. Check them all out after the jump.


The number of views is always the first place where people look when trying to determine whether or not their online video campaign was a successful one. Of course, if your video gets millions (or even hundreds of thousands) or views it can probably be considered a success. After all, the goal of most viral video campaigns is to get a lot of views.

However, it is important to look at a few other metrics for measuring the success of your campaign as well. For instance, if your video has a ton of views because people are sharing it and telling all their friends things like, “This is the WORST viral video I’ve EVER seen” then views might not be that great of an indicator of how your video is being perceived.

When you look at the Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like video you can easily see from the 20 million plus views that the campaign was a success. However, there is a lot more to a successful campaign than lots of views. Keep reading to find out more.


The comments that viewers leave on your videos are a good indicator of whether your viewers are actually responding in the way you would have liked them to respond. Are people leaving positive comments? If so, that means your campaign is working successfully. However, if all the comments on your video talk about how bad the video is, how much the viewers don’t want to use your product, or other negative things then maybe you shouldn’t consider your campaign successful.

It is important, when you are measuring the success of your campaign, to read every single comment on your video to see how people are reacting. While you are at it, you should respond to comments as well to open up a conversation with your viewers.

Video Responses & Remixes

In addition to checking for comments you should also be checking to see if anyone has created video responses, talkbacks or remixes of your video. It’s great when people create their own videos about or inspired by your campaign because it gives you even more coverage (whether they are poking fun at you or not, it will still spread awareness about your video). If a lot of people are remixing and responding to your video with videos of their own then it usually means your campaign is doing pretty well and word is spreading and, lucky for you, these videos will spread the word about your video even further!

Blog Coverage

You can also measure the success of your video campaign by looking at whether or not it got covered on major blogs in your field and how the bloggers reacted to your campaign. Again, some bloggers may post your video because they are writing about it as an example of a bad viral campaign. That’s usually no good. On the other hand, some people live by the credo that all coverage is good coverage, but I tend to disagree when it comes to trying to promote yourself, your company or your brand and receive a “positive” response.

Sharing On Social Networks

Another way to measure the success of your online video campaign is to see if people are only watching your video or actually sharing it with their friends. Your ultimate goal, of course, is to create a video that people can’t wait to tell their friends about it. Therefore, you should do a little research and a little searching on the web, especially in social networks, to see how many people are sharing your video and what they have to say about it.

As you can see, views aren’t everything when it comes to your online video campaign. However, when you analyze all of these different metrics you can get a good idea of how successful your video campaign is, and how viewers are reacting. How do you measure the success of your viral video campaigns?