Do You Have an Appointment?

A week or so ago, I was strolling down Elizabeth St with Dana, en route to the gallery and the NikeID store beckoned. I saw the outline of a mountainous figure through the frosted glass doors. Dana and I had a quick consultation about whether or not to venture in, and off we went. As we pulled the door open, the hulk emerged and said to us, with a combination of menace and sheepishness, “Do you have an appointment?”

Apparently this sneaker shop is only open by PRIVATE APPOINTMENT, and further, not just anyone can get one. Dana and I teased the guy for a while, just because it was SO absurd, but really he is just doing his (dumb) job. We peeked into the space a little. The reception area is an unsuccessful mix of sleek modern (frosted surfaces, dark wood, clean lines) with faux-traditional (an executive chair with quilting and brass tacks, and maybe some wallpaper, I can’t remember it exactly.)

They gave us some glossy brochure materials and sent us on our way. Nearly every day that I walk by, I see a Shrek like individual explaining to some quizzical shoppers, already laden with bags from other Nolita area boutiques, that Nike doesn’t want their money at this particular venue. Thank you, but no.