Do Women Get Better craigslist Classified Responses?

Do dating classified ads on craiglist favor women over men? Simon Owens, author of Bloggasm, a blog focusing on online media and journalism, seems to think so, and he has some numbers to prove it.

Owens found that not only did females receive twice as many responses as males, but the quality of the responses was far greater, containing far more information, including pictures and respondents’ ages.

Here’s how Owens’ experiment went down:

I created fake ads for straight female and males in three different cities: DC, New York and LA. All the ads for each gender were almost completely identical, with slight variations. They listed the age of the person (late 20s), the education level, and a few hobbies. The ads did not include a picture.

Once posted, I waited until each of the ads dropped off the front page of the listing (which took a little over 24 hours for most) and then reviewed all the emails. I scored the number of responses, whether they included a picture, whether they included contact info outside of email, whether they included career/education info, and whether they listed the age of the respondent.

I found that not only did females receive more than twice the number of responses (44 total compared to 21), but the quality of the response was much higher. About 47% of the responses to the female’s ad included pictures, and more than 60% included the respondent’s age. In contrast, the responses to the male ads contained hardly any information at all, and most were blatant dating website and adult services spam.

Global consultancy Advanced Interactive Media Group LLC/Classified Intelligence LLC published a report earlier this month estimating that craigslist will “generate $100 million in revenue in 2009,” up more than 23 percent from its estimated revenue last year.