Do The New Media Shuffle

0924shuffle.jpgOver at the Huffington Post, former FishbowlNYer Rachel Sklar just encapsulated the year’s highlights in new media job shuffles… and explains why it’s all going the way it is:

(Alex) Balk‘s announcement is the latest in a recent new-media shuffle between the world of blogs, newspapers and magazines: (Doree) Shafrir moved to the Observer (from whence (Choire) Sicha came, after leaving Gawker the first time), and Radar reporter Jeff Bercovici moved to Portfolio to helm their media blog. (Maggie) Shnayerson comes from the business side at the Village Voice, where she was the paper’s spokeswoman, and former New York Daily Newser Chris Rovzar recently joined New York magazine as “Daily Intel” editor, replacing former Gawker editor Jesse Oxfeld. Meanwhile, Balk’s former co-editor at Gawker, Jessica Coen, recently moved to New York as online editor – the same job that Balk will have at Radar. Coen left her position as deputy online editor at Vanity Fair – where she went after Gawker, joining her other former co-editor Oxfeld, whom Balk replaced in July 2006. Oxfeld remains at New York, having moved from online to the magazine.

What this means: New media skills remain important – and marketable – as magazines ramp up their online presences, and the skill set honed while blogging professionally (HTML, image upload and layout, video, writing on the fly, turning a pithy phrase) becomes essential to keeping a site ahead of the curve. It also means the distinction between the MSM and online continues to blur as people move freely between platforms; print is no longer the be-all end-all destination.

Well said.