Do Journalists Make The Best PR People?

Wearing multiple hats. Get it?

The answer is a big “maybe,” if you listen to PRDaily (and we don’t know why you wouldn’t).

Journalists, who have expertise in “spotting news, shaping a story, and writing against often-hellish deadlines” are of course valued in PR. But they also must know how to “speak marketing” and be polite—clients aren’t used to hearing the same four-letter words commonly thrown around a newsroom.

PR people also deal with a (typically) stricter corporate culture than (typical) journalists, must keep in mind not just bosses but clients and media, and juggle all this with verve and cheer (PR people, why are you always so cheery?)

But, PRDaily writer Dorothy Crenshaw concludes, in an ideal world, all journalists would spend some time pitching, and every PR person would spend a year as a journalist. “Imagine what we could accomplish together,” she says.