Do Job Boards Deliver?

Here’s an interesting analysis sent to us by Nick “Ask The Headhunter” Corcodilos, who wrote about job boards recently for

He says that a recent study found that in 285,000 hires across 1,600 companies, was the “source of hire” for 36 percent of all external hires.

That actually sounds like a great number–one in three people got their job from–but if you look at it further, Corcodilos says, the number isn’t so rosy.

See, the survey, by iCMS, differentiates between internal and external hires. But iCMS includes, in addition to promotions within the company, “referrals, company career sites, and unidentified sources” as internal hires. Those “internal” hires made up 71 percent of all hiring, with only 29 percent of hires being external.

“In other words, 36 percent of 29 percent, or 10.4 percent, of all hires come from ‘one’ source of hires—”

And since Indeed aggregates jobs from thousands of other sites, that doesn’t bode well for individual job boards as delivering quality hires to companies.

Your best bet for jobs is still word of mouth and networking, but anecdotally, people certainly are still getting jobs from boards–this not-so-humble blogger included. Just don’t rely on them as your only strategy.

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