Do Goowy is fantastic? Almost!

As I am Flash developer-designer I pay attention on different flash projects, which is based, or use flash. One of greatest projects today is Goowy. Yesterday I was testing and looking on Goowy features and possibilities what Goowy offers – it is really amazing! First impression – it visually is like MacOS with the bar of icons below and these icons is animated similarly. And all solution of design is like operating system of computer where you launch different applications.

Here you can see the options panel of the Goowy, it really reminds settings panel of some operating system I think.

Speaking about Goowy features: Email, feed reader, file storage, calendar, instant messaging (who use several platforms – MSN, ICQ, etc.), and biggest feature is that you can add your contacts from the email clients like Gmail, Yahoo mail, AIM, MSN mail and more.

For people who want to have all in one place this web project is perfect choice but why in the beginning of post I said it’s almost fantastic? I think that several features have some gaps – flash can’t precisely reproduce HTML text which is used in feeds – it is small bug but irritating. The same problem can be also in emails.

And my very subjective opinion – I like more ascetic solution of design for such projects. I think this solution of design is only planned for youth – yes, you can change several design details but still it is only for youth. I am 22 years old but I don’t like it – maybe I am too old or have bad taste – designer with bad taste 🙂

Mark: 4,5/5

I give this mark only thinking about functionality and not design this mark I will leave to decide yourselves.