Do Facebook Users Need a Privacy Course?

Jay Meattle has a great post which includes the following image of traffic to the privacy settings within Facebook:

Jay suggests that the above chart illustrates that users need to be further educated about privacy on Facebook. For what many in the blogosphere and mainstream media have coined the “Beacon Fiasco” it appears that it may not have actually been as much of a fiasco for Facebook. Approximately half a percent of users visit their privacy settings each week. Following the announcement that Facebook profiles would be accessible to search engines privacy settings traffic doubled. This is in contrast to traffic following the Beacon Fiasco which was ultimately flat.

Do Facebook users care about privacy? According to Jay they definitely do and the spike in traffic following Facebook’s decision to grant search engine access to user profiles should illustrate users’ concern for their privacy. The lack of traffic growth during the Beacon Fiasco implies that users were not thoroughly educated on the issue. Honestly, who’s job is it to educate the user? Should users self-educate or should this be a role that Facebook plays?

My opinion is that the user should educate them self just as they do prior to signing a contract. What do you think?

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