Do Droid X Users Really Use 5X the Data of other Verizon Phone Users? Here's My Interpretation…

What can we make of this statement from Verizon business development executive director Jennifer Byrne?
On Droid X, we’re seeing something like 5x the data usage of any other device.
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The statement and data comes less than a week after the Droid X’s successful launch. One interpretion, like the one in the Engadget item linked below, is that Droid X users are a data hungry lot like iPhone users. This may be true. But, it is too early to tell and doesn’t make sense given their are other capable Android phones on Verizon’s network that should have similar end-user behavior. I think I have an alternative explanation that makes more sense.
Verizon had a very successful launch of the Droid X. They completely sold out their available stock. This means that possibly tens or hundreds of thousands of new Droid X users played intensely with their new phone, set up their email, browsed the web a lot to find how their favorite web sites look on the screen, and downloaded and tried a lot of apps that draws data from the Internet. In other words, the 5x data usage can be explained by a lot of excited new Droid X users playing a lot with their phones. In time, their network data usage will resemble the users of other Android phones on Verizon’s network.
Via Engadget: Droid X users gobbling up 5x the data of other Verizon smartphones