DNC Election Day Talking Points Revealed

The Washington Post‘s blog “The Plum Line” has published a memo containing the Democrats’ election day talking points, which the blog says it received from an outside source. The messaging was being routed to party allies and, with votes still being tallied, foreshadows losses.

A sample of the talking points after the jump.

Democrats knew that 2010 would be an uphill battle for three reasons: 1) the party of the President historically loses seats in midterm elections; 2) too many people are looking for work or struggling to get by as a result of 8 years of irresponsible economic policies (and despite creating more private sector jobs in the last 8 months than President Bush did in 8 years); and 3) the sheer number of seats we’re defending this year as a result of the successes of 2006 and 2008, including 49 Democratic Representatives on the ballot this year whose districts John McCain won in 2008.

Because of this unprecedented midterm effort – which includes DNC/OFA staff and/or volunteers in all 50 states and 435 Congressional districts, cutting edge new media tools, paid media targeting core Democratic voters and first-time 2008 voters, and the largest ground game in the history of midterm elections – we are confident that our voters will be going to the polls today.

After spending 20 months playing politics and failing to find common ground to solve the nation’s problems, it is no surprise that the Republican brand is so low.

The entire list is here. What do you think of these talking points? The comments section is open.

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