DnA Talks Rockwell’s Oscars, Gehry’s 80th, and George Lucas Building at USC

This writer is slowly returning to normal after an epic battle with the flu and you, dear readers, were sorely missed. His head is still swimming a bit with all the NyQuil consumed over the past couple of days, so how’s about starting with some short entries for this morning, until he can work his way back up to his regular, irritating verbosity? First up comes an e-mail we received from our good pal and former UnBeige co-editor, Alissa Walker, who alerted us to the most recent episode of KCRW‘s design-focused show, DnA on which Ms. Walker regularly lends a hand. And all biases aside, we must say it’s a doozie, with a big celebrity slant to the whole program. We’re assuming Alissa won’t mind if we quote from her e-mails directly (because she sells things with far more excitement and enthusiasm than anyone we know), so here are some quick details:

We have a grrrrreat DnA lined up for today: David Rockwell on the Oscars, George Lucas on his new USC building (which I was waaaaay excited about) and an all-star tribute to Frank Gehry on occasion of his 80th (February 28 should you be planning your own party).

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