DKC’s Anklow: Auto Companies Are ‘Recognizing That They Need to Communicate in a Different Way’

PRNewser spoke with the two heads of the new auto-focused firm Accelerate – Jeff Sindone, president of Forum Media, and Liz Anklow, EVP of DKC – about the state of auto outreach and the car industry, which is starting to rebound from the depths of the economic recession.

“It’s good to see the industry make a strong comeback,” said Sindone, who’d just attended the North American International Auto Show, taking place through January 23. The New York Times concurs, and reported on that optimism with a quote from Daimler chief exec from Dieter Zetsche: “The excitement is back, and you see a lot more confidence, including from the three Detroit automakers, which I’m happy to see.”

Moreover, it appears the auto industry has learned the importance of PR and communications. “They’re recognizing that they need to communicate in a different way,” said Anklow. “People have put off big purchases and they want to make them and they need the right information.”

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