DJ-ing on an iPad: 9 Month Old Practice Doing Well

The iPad was a mere month old when Rana Sobhany was featured as one of the first (if not the first) iPad DJ in a Wired article. Rana can be seen performing here in a photo I took at the ThinkMobile conference in San Francisco (Sept. 2010). Rana improvised and developed her setup using various iPad apps. You, however, don’t have to improvise. Electronista reports and reviews on a dedicated DJ app for the iPad in this article.

Review: Djay for iPad

You can find this $19.99 app in the iTunes App Store by following the link below. It currently has an impressive 4.5 star average rating based on 128 ratings for the current version (1.0.1).

djay 1.0.1 (iTunes App Store)

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