Finding Out Your Spouse Filed For Divorce On Twitter Is Terribl . . . y Funny

You may not be a fan of reality shows, but you really don’t have to be to appreciate the exquisite horribleness of what happened to one “real housewives” star.

Saying that the divorce filing was “definitely a surprise,” this lady was hit by a double whammy when this “surprise” was revealed to her via Twitter. Ouch.

One of the Real Housewives of AtlantaPorsha Stewart was apparently taking a nappy-poo and, according to TV Guide, she woke up and saw she had missed some calls from her sister – so she called her back:

“She said, ‘Have you heard?’ And I’m like, ‘Heard what?’ So I went to Twitter and the first thing I see is, ‘Kordell divorcing Porsha,'” she said. “And I’m like this is just a crazy joke. … I found out from Twitter.”

She then walked into THE NEXT ROOM and confronted her soon-to-be ex, Kordel Stewart. Holy moley. If that doesn’t make you laugh out loud in horror, well – then nothing will.

According to the divorce docs, obtained by TMZ, Kordell says the marriage is “irretrievably broken” and he doesn’t think he should pay ANY spousal support: “[She’s] an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself.”

Kordell also says there are no marital assets subject to division … which suggests there is a prenuptial agreement in play.

Just days before the split, Porsha was defending their relationship, so this whole situation has to hurt. Is the celebrity pay day really worth the ‘private moments publicity?’

(Shocked image from Shutterstock)