Diversifying Beyond Games, Tapjoy Boasts of Driving 10M Conversions for Brands in July

Tapjoy, which has been better known for driving downloads of mobile games, is trying to move into serving brands. And this audience now seems to make up about one-third of its mobile business, according to conversion statistics the company shared today.

The company says it drove 10 million conversions for brands in July, about one-third of the 30 million total it fueled that month. The other twenty million of those were downloads or actions for mobile games.

Conversions could mean any behavior or action the brand wants consumers to take, from downloading an app to registering for a service. Tapjoy builds in-app advertising units like mobile banners, interstitials and placement in offer walls to drive downloads or other types of customer actions for brands. The company says its business serving brands like Disney, Victoria’s Secret and Sephora has grown by five-fold since the beginning of the year.

Tapjoy and many other companies in the space like Flurry, W3i and G6Pay are moving to strengthen other revenue streams after Apple cracked down on a major part of their business this spring by effectively banning incentivized installs. Developers would pay the four companies for downloads of their apps through offer walls in other games.

But Apple began rejecting apps containing these walls, so Tapjoy has moved aggressively onto the Android platform. Bolstering the brand side of the business would represent a different kind of diversification. Both Flurry and Tapjoy are also building video ad businesses that reward players for watching game trailers. W3i is doing bigger free-app-a-day promotions.

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