District 14 City Council Race Heating Up

Our tip off to this bloodening was last week when a phone banker for Councilman Jose Huizar called us and asked for our support.

Yes. Two months before an election. Volunteers. For a city councilman.

What’s up with that?

Michael Trujillo, Campaign Manager to Councilman Huizar tells FishbowlLA, “The Huizar campaign is currently in the midst of one of the largest grassroot efforts in Eastside history, and it is exceptionally easy to assemble because of the vast community support Councilman Huizar has garnered for his work in cutting crime by over 25%, increasing the amount of open space parkland and putting more local public infrastructure within district 14 in LA history.”

Ok, then we got an email from Huizar’s opponent with the subject “Jose Huizar our local neighborhood Nixon.” Then it made sense: there will be blood.

Dear Council District 14 Voter:

As you may have read in the Los Angeles Times article “Huizar staff graded civic leaders on their clout and support for him” published on January 17, 2011, our current Councilmember Jose Huizar has for years kept a secret list grading how supportive Council District 14 residents have been of his political career. Mr. Huizar used the attached constituency discrimination list to grade you and determine what kind of services/aid his office will provide to you based upon your grade.

You may see the article here
You may see one of the lists here

Your grade and that of other residents, police officers, fire stations, school principals, religious leaders and non-profit organizations was based upon your level of support for him and the perceived influence you have in the community. Your grade then determined whether or not your streets got paved, your alleys were cleaned, and even if organizations received toys and turkeys during the holidays.

Jose Huizar has violated that sacred trust that underlies our constitutional form of government, by which it is only the voters who judge and grade elected officials on how well or poorly they are serving the public interest. Elected officials as public servants have no right to judge and grade citizens based on how supportive they are of a politician in public office.

In the United States of America, the greatest title one person can have is that of “citizen.” I understand that principle and will pledge to you that as your next councilperson I will make sure that all tax payers and residents of the district will receive fair and equal treatment from our city government.


Rudy Martinez

Rudy, who’s mother Juanita Martinez according to the LA Times worked for Huizar in 2010, saw these Nixonian lists and is the source for this disclosure.

What’s worse? Having it be known you grade your constituents by their support or having your mommy Wikileak your incumbent City Councilman?

The election is March 8th.