Dissembler, Dissembler, Pants On … What Rhymes With Dissembler?

The departure of Alberto Gonzales from federal government was like a little birthday present to us. Not only because we prefer our government less patronizingly felonious but because we adore the word “dissembling.” And nobody, but nobody, brought out that word in journos quite like Mr. G.

To wit:

Salon.com: “Under investigation by the House and Senate Judiciary committees for his part in the political purge of U.S. attorneys and warrantless domestic surveillance, Gonzales wandered through his appearances down winding paths of dissembling.”

The Allentown Morning Call: “Part of the concern on Capitol Hill now is that his resignation and those of other top Justice Department officials and White House adviser Karl Rove are efforts to derail investigations into what the dissembling and stonewalling attempted to hide.”

The Times Online: “Last month his testimony over spying programmes without court warrants appeared so dissembling that some Democrats threatened perjury charges.”

The Times (of Trenton NJ): Note the alliterative usage here, “We cannot recall all the instances that Mr. Gonzales let down those of us he was appointed to serve. But here are a few occasions that are remarkable even by the dissembling standards of the rapidly disassembling Bush & Co.”