Disruptor Beam Launches Star Trek Timelines on Mobile

The strategy RPG sees players investigate temporal anomalies which are merging past, present, future and mirror timelines into one.

Disruptor Beam has announced the launch of Star Trek Timelines on iOS and Android. Licensed by CBS Consumer Products, the strategy RPG allows players to collect characters from the Star Trek franchise as they work to investigate temporal anomalies which are merging past, present, future and mirror timelines into one.

Star Trek Timelines features content and characters from Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise, as well as the first ten Star Trek films. The story sees players complete missions by assigning their crew members to away missions, or by completing space battles with their ships.

During away missions, players must complete one or more quest objectives by assigning their crew members to tasks. To be specific, each mission stage has one or more tasks to choose from, with each task related to a particular skill. When there are multiple tasks available, players must choose the task to complete, as well as the crew member to assign, based on these skills. The higher the crew member’s skill, the greater the likelihood they will successfully complete the assigned task.

Star Trek Timelines

Meanwhile, before space battles, players can assign crew members to battle stations to unlock special abilities. Ships attack each other automatically during combat, leaving players to activate these special abilities. Once used, each ability takes time to recharge before it can be activated again.

As players complete story missions, they may have the ability to choose dialog responses during conversations. Depending on their choices, players will earn influence points with the game’s factions, like the Federation or KCA, as examples. When one faction has gained enough influence, players can resolve the current mission or dispute in that faction’s favor.

As users progress, they can train their crew members and equip them with new items to improve their skills. Users can receive additional crew members  (among other items) by purchasing mystery rewards in the game’s store with free or premium currency. As players collect duplicate characters, these can be fused to form upgraded crew members.

Outside of the game’s main story missions, players can complete separate missions in Distress Call and Faction modes to earn additional rewards. Daily missions are also available, which give players rewards for completing specific tasks in the overall game.

In a statement, Jon Radoff, founder and CEO of Disruptor Beam, commented:

We’re celebrating Star Trek’s 50th anniversary this year by welcoming fans from around the world into the Timelines game community. We have created a game that will immerse fans in the Star Trek universe like no other game has. And with its deep, story-driven gameplay and stellar graphics, we believe that Timelines is one of the best-looking game experiences on a mobile device today.

Star Trek Timelines is now available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.