Disney’s Kitchen Scramble Comes to iOS, Android

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Fans of Disney’s Kitchen Scramble on Facebook can now take their food truck with them wherever they go, thanks to the game’s launch on iOS and Android devices. The cross-platform experience allows existing Facebook players to login and access their progress to start again right where they left off, but even new players are encouraged to get into the fun of creating dishes for hungry customers.

In Kitchen Scramble, players complete dishes for customers in a step-by-step fashion, combining individual ingredients into complex dishes including pastas, baked goods, soups and more. Dishes start simply, and include fried eggs and baked potatoes, which are created in a single step. That is, an egg is taken to a pan to fry, while a potato is simply placed in an oven to cook.

Over time, dishes become more complicated, with multiple cooking steps. Vegetables may need to be chopped before adding them to other ingredients, for instance. Or, users may need to create a final product, like a bowl of cereal, and then take the time to add chopped fruit to it before serving.

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Levels also becoming increasingly challenging over time, with more than just a handful of recipes available for potential cooking. Users can have multiple patrons waiting for food at one time, so the time management experience requires users to prioritize cooking tasks based on a patron’s patience level and the availability of their appliances and cooking stations.

A supplies (energy) system limits the number of levels players can attempt in one sitting, but users can purchase additional energy, coins and premium currency with real money. This currency is used to purchase upgrades for the food truck. Some upgrades must be purchased with coins before a stage is available for completion, while premium items are optional, and may increase the cooking time for chosen appliances.

Kitchen Scramble is now available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play.