Disney’s Big Hero 6 Bot Fight Launches on Mobile

Big Hero 6Disney’s Big Hero 6 debuts in theaters on November 7, and Disney Interactive has today announced the launch of an official mobile game in anticipation of its release. Co-developed by Gumi, Big Hero 6 Bot Fight is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices, and follows Baymax and Hiro on a quest to stop the spread of a robot infection across San Fransokyo.

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight is a match-three puzzle battle game that sees users completing battles against other robots by making matches of three or more elemental symbols, called cells, on the board. Each robot in a player’s team has an elemental affinity, like water or fire, and matches with these associated cells triggers these robots to attack.

After a few turns, enemy characters may attack the player, and users can keep track of their HP in a bar under their team of robots. Players can make matches with heart pieces to restore some of their health.

As players make matches, it’s possible to create matches of four or five cells in a line. Creating a match of four symbols creates a power-up cell, capable of clearing one whole row or column of cells from the board, while a match of five symbols causes the matching hero robot to attack all enemies, rather than focusing on just one. This also adds an explosive symbol to the board, which can clear all cells of a chosen type when activated.

In addition, making a match in a T or L shape results in a different explosive symbol, which destroys a small group of cells on the board. If players destroy more than one set of cells in a single move, this combo move results in more damage being dealt to the enemy than normal.

It should be noted that each robot’s elemental affinity means the robot is stronger against one particular element, and weakest against another. Players can take advantage of this by looking for matches of particular kinds while playing, in relation to the enemy’s “type.”

Players start the game with just a few robots, and are allowed to bring another semi-random robot into battle with them before it begins (owned by another real player). Players collect more robots as they defeat enemies, and additional robots can be purchased with premium currency or “Ally Points,” which are earned by using friendly robots during combat. Users can spend “lesser” robots to level up their existing team, and some robots can eventually evolve into stronger forms altogether, once they’ve reached their maximum level through fusing with these less-powerful units.

Each combat mission has three stars available for collection, which are earned by completing specific tasks within those levels. These may include matching specific colors of symbols while playing, or performing combos, as examples. Levels require energy to begin, which recharges automatically over time, or can be purchased with premium currency.

For additional content, users can complete daily events for special rewards. These require more energy than standard campaign story missions, but they may also provide rewards not otherwise available at the time. This may include access to some of the game’s over 150 unique bots in the game’s current lineup.

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store.