Disneynature Explore: Interact with animals in this augmented reality app


In celebration of Disney’s upcoming film Bears, Disney has released Disneynature Explore, an augmented reality app that allows children and adults alike to go on adventures in their own real-world locations, interacting with animals in the process. The app features multiple varieties of animals, including chimpanzees and brown bears, with each being displayed alongside educational content and videos.

Disneynature Explore allows users to choose an animal, and then complete multiple activities for each. In the case of brown bears, for example, players can complete a salmon-catching mini-game, swiping on salmon before they swim past a bear. Elsewhere, users are encouraged to make animal noises to call virtual animals onto the screen, which are projected into the real-world using the iOS device’s camera.


The app offers a Journal for keeping track of the app’s animals and completed activities, and also offers a variety of parental suggestions and photography missions which encourage families to become more involved or active in the outdoors. The Journal also provides videos for each animal for even more content.

Disneynature Explore is available to download for free on iOS, with no in-app purchases or third-party advertising. The app supports a Spanish-language option and a photography feature for taking pictures of the virtual animals while playing.

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