Disney Second Screen: Bambi Edition-Sync & Interact w/iPad While Watching the Blu-ray Movie

Video courtesy of ForcibleNJonathan

Parents and kids-at-heart have yet another opportunity to buy Disney’s animated classic Bambi again. The Diamond Edition will be available for purchase next week Tuesday (Mar. 1). This edition includes a Blu-ray disc, a DVD disc, lots of special features and something called Disney Second Screen that lets you sync a notebook or iPad that provides access to synced interactive material while you watch the Blu-ray movie.

Disney Second Screen – A New Interactive Blu-rayâ„¢ Viewing Experience Premiering on Bambi Diamond Edition!

Bring content to life in your hands using your laptop or iPad while you watch the movie. Disney Second Screen synchs your laptop or iPad with your Blu-ray disc to provide additional content you control as the movie plays.

The free iPad app is available now from the iTunes App Store.

Disney second Screen: Bambi Edition

Note that this app is a gigantic 498MB file. So, make sure you are not in a rush to go somewhere before you start the download.