Disney reveals (probable) plans for Star Wars social game

Speaking on a conference call today about Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed Star Wars is probably going to be coming to Facebook as a social game.

When asked by a caller about how Disney would handle the LucasArts arm of game development — the question highlighting the recent rise of social/mobile games as competition for titles on PCs and consoles — Iger  said Disney would actually be focused on bringing the Star Wars universe to social platforms in some form. Iger declined to go into further detail about this, and didn’t say when further information would be available.

Disney’s well-placed to bring Star Wars to both social and mobile platforms, based on the recent success it’s seen on both. Disney Playdom’s Marvel: Avengers Alliance has proven a long-lasting hit in the midcore genre; although our traffic-tracking service AppData shows it only has 5.3 million MAU and 1.1 million DAU, sources tell us the game is monetizing well above industry norms and its DAU/MAU percentage is continuing to climb. Meanwhile, the company brought the Avengers Alliance universe to iOS with Avengers Initiative, which was the No. 12 top paid iPad game and the No. 82 top grossing iPad game at the start of the month.

The Star Wars Universe arguably has an even larger and more devoted fan base than Marvel Comics, and a source at Lucas recently told us the company makes over $1 billion in revenue share from licensed merchandise alone. If social and mobile games are on the horizon and are fun enough to keep fans engaged, then those titles could become a new way for Disney to print money.