Disney rebooting Tap Tap Revenge for mobile devices with Tap Tap Revenge Tour

It’s been over a year and a half since Tap Tap Revenge received a new title on Apple’s App Store — the last being Tap Tap Revenge 4 in November 2010 — but Disney Interactive is now returning to the series with Tap Tap Revenge Tour.

Tap Tap Revenge Tour’s user experience is a much simpler affair than its predecessors. “We got rid of a lot crap and clutter,” Disney Mobile SVP and GM Bart Decrem tells us. Doing a side-by-side comparison of Tap Tap Revenge 2 and Tap Tap Revenge Tour shows the latter’s interface is much more streamlined than before. Decrem also tells us that features like online gaming rooms, battle modes and the in-game avatar system from earlier games have all been removed.

The new game features the rhythm-based gameplay that made the series popular, as well as a simple career mode. There will also be a store with premium song packs in place, as well as a rotating selection of over 300 free songs. Decrem tells us Disney is planning to release a free playable song a day for Tap Tap Revenge Tour and the first 100 days of releases are planned out. Decrem says a majority of the songs in the game will be in line with popular music like what’s on Radio Disney’s line up (Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me, Maybe” is the first free download), but he also says a wide array of content from indie and adult-oriented musicians will be playable.

Tap Tap Revenge Tour will contain limited social features in the forms of “Tour Walls” players can decorate with unlockable content in the game. As these walls are decorated, players are invited to share screenshots on Facebook for friends to Like and comment on.

Although Disney Interactive’s second fiscal quarter still showed the division was operating at a $70 million loss, this was up from the $115 million loss during the first quarter. Disney credited its social and mobile games division for the improved results, but it didn’t go into specifics about the revenues generated from these titles. With Disney titles taking the top three paid spots on the App Store, though, it’s easy to understand why Disney Interactive’s revenues have  been turning around.

Tap Tap Revenge Tour is hitting the Apple App Store tomorrow, July 12, and will be available for free. The game will be a universal iOS title; an Android version is in the works but a release date hasn’t been announced yet.

Correction: We reported Tap Tap Revenge Tour would sell for $0.99. This was incorrect, the title will be available for free.