Disney, Omar ibn al-Khattab, Shakira, FC Barcelona, Converse and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Interesting list this week of the top 20 fastest growing Facebook Pages, topped as it was by an important figure in Islam, rounded out by the usual music and media suspects, football (soccer) Pages and brands. We measure the growth of the Pages, which grew from between 415,700 and 718,500 Likes, with our PageData tool.

Top Gainers This Week

Pages Gain Gain,%
1. عمر ابن الخطاب¨ 718,508 +718,508 +0.0%
2. Facebook 39,919,219 +644,432 +2%
3. Shakira 28,612,669 +624,935 +2%
4. Disney 22,447,307 +621,316 +3%
5. Bruno Mars 4,938,562 +580,010 +13%
6. Rihanna 32,245,767 +579,908 +2%
7. Harry Potter 22,840,163 +577,651 +3%
8. Eminem 35,508,247 +541,834 +2%
9. Converse 16,062,159 +511,081 +3%
10. YouTube 32,900,328 +494,971 +2%
11. MTV 21,090,310 +494,880 +2%
12. Cristiano Ronaldo 25,456,710 +467,554 +2%
13. Texas Hold’em Poker 42,274,198 +461,390 +1%
14. Lady Gaga 33,699,659 +455,883 +1%
15. The Simpsons 25,886,683 +452,690 +2%
16. FC Barcelona 14,383,898 +442,778 +3%
17. Will Smith 17,496,871 +440,513 +3%
18. Manchester United 13,333,215 +436,874 +3%
19. Barack Obama 20,179,013 +422,131 +2%
20. Katy Perry 24,272,125 +415,682 +2%

As mentioned, the top Page on our list this week was for عمر ابن الخطاب¨, or Omar ibn al-Khattab, one of the key leaders of early Islam. The Page grew its entirety this week, 718,500 Likes and the landing tab invites visitors to Like this Page, as well as other similar Pages. Another prominent figure, United States President Barack Obama, also made the list with 422,100 new Likes, probably just because he’s been in the news a lot lately as his presidential campaign for 2012 has begun. All-around celebrity Will Smith‘s Page grew by 440,500 without any updates at all this week.

A variety of big name brands were on our list this week, too. Facebook’s Page grew by 644,400 Likes, Converse’s Page by 511,100 Likes, likely because they are both very active with their inviting status updates and they are currently running a tab promotion to give away 15 free iTunes downloads to fans. YouTube’s Page added about 495,000 Likes while Texas Hold’em Poker added 461,400.

Media companies and outlets were big on the list. Disney’s Page added 621,300 Likes in part by touting its Likes across franchises on Facebook, encouraging fans to Like its Page and publishing photos from classic films almost daily. The “Harry Potter” movie Page grew by 577,700 Likes; this Page is constantly promoting the next film, and movie-related news and promotions. MTV’s Page grew by 494,900 Likes by promoting its programming and other content very actively. “The Simpsons” Page grew by 452,700 Likes by promoting its episodes.

Then, of course, there was music.

Shakira’s Page added 624,900 Likes while she promotes her music tour. Bruno Mars grew his Page by 580,000 Likes by promoting concerts as well. Rihanna’s 579,900 Likes may have been attracted by her new video premiere while Eminem’s Page with 541,300 Likes touted a new single in which he makes an appearance. Lady Gaga’s 455,900 new Likes could have been drawn in by the release of her new singles and video while Katy Perry’s 415,700 new Likes came during a time when she promoted her concerts and coverage in the press.

Finally, there was football (soccer). Cristiano Ronaldo’s Page added 467,600 Likes as he updated fans on his games and football-related activities. FC Barcelona added 442,800 Likes and Manchester United 436,900. All three Pages ask fans on a welcome tab to Like the Page.