Disney Mobile’s Puffle Launch Hits iOS and Android, Earns Players Coins in Club Penguin

Disney Mobile just released a mobile version of Puffle Launch, one of its better-known games from its online gaming destination Club Penguin. Out now for iOS (universal) and Android, the app offers players a chance to not only the chance to play Puffle Launch on the go, but transfer coins earned in it to Club Penguin for later use.

In Puffle Launch, players control a fuzzy red creature with a daredevil helmet who’s conveniently about the size of a cannon ball. This allows him to use cannons in his quest to retrieve stolen Puffle Os from an evil crab in a giant robot. If players stick with this oddball premise, they’ll find themselves firing their hero from a variety of cannons — some that only shoot at certain angles, some that launch automatically, others that can be aimed — in an attempt to reach the end of each level and track down a giant Puffle O. There are 24 levels that can be played in four modes: normal, time trial, turbo and slow-mo.

Along the way are oodles of smaller Os strewn between the cannons, some in tricky spots that require players to really plan out which cannons they’ll need to use in order to grab them all. Players can move their characters in mid-air as they fall, as well. There are also obstacles to avoid, which, if hit, send players plummeting to the bottom of the screen, after which they start over at the nearest checkpoint. Certain objects, such as balloons, alter the player’s trajectory when hit and can be used to reach otherwise inaccessible areas of the level.

Puffle Os collected by the player are converted into coins after every level. If the player has a Club Penguin account, these coins can be transferred to it and be used to purchase items within Disney’s virtual world. The app itself isn’t free; it’s available for $0.99 on the App Store (where it’s currently in the top 50 paid apps) and Android Market.You can follow Puffle Launch’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.