Disney launches Where’s My Water? 2 on mobile devices

Image via Disney

Following a suspicious tweet by game creator Tim FitzRandolph, Disney has officially unveiled and released Where’s My Water? 2 on mobile devices. The true sequel to the original Where’s My Water? brings all three of the game’s main characters to the forefront of the experience, giving players new levels to complete with Swampy, Allie and Cranky.

Depending on the character, players will be required to manipulate water, steam or purple goo, collecting rubber duckies for each character and avoiding the obstacles in each stage. As with the first game, players can move on as soon as they’ve successfully delivered the water, steam or goo to the appropriate gator, but the challenge remains in collecting all three ducks in a single run.

Instead of isolating each character to its own set of levels, all three are mixed on the game’s level map. A short chunk of Swampy levels introduces potentially new players the gameplay mechanics, and then Allie and Cranky levels start joining the mix later on. By mixing together all of the game’s main level types and characters, Disney says it has created an experience that’s “just hard enough,” offering additional challenge both slowly and deliberately.

Image via Disney

During a recent demo of the game with Where’s My Water? creator Tim FitzRandolph, we learned about arguably the game’s biggest addition: challenge mode. After each “normal” level is completed, players may be given one or more challenge to complete, each of which changes the original stage in some way.

As examples, one challenge may ask players to avoid the ducks, rather than collect them, while a ‘Driller’ challenge turns the rock into a destructible item. In these cases, any switches and machinery that used to be used to get around the rock will now be off limits, so it’s not as easy a scenario as it may initially seem.

Since players have already completed the “normal” version of the stage, they should have a nice general idea of how each level works, says FitzRandolph, but the extra challenges offer as many different fun ideas as the development team could come up with.

Where’s My Water? 2 also offers a new Duck Rush level type. These levels see the camera slowly panning down or up automatically (for water / goo or steam, respectively), as players’ reflexes are challenged. They must keep the water, goo or steam on the screen at all times, cutting paths through the sand to collect up to six ducks in each stage. These puzzles aren’t as “cerebral” as others, but are based on making quick decisions.

Image via Disney

In addition to in-game achievements and Facebook login support, which allows players to track their friends’ progress on the in-game level map, Where’s My Water? 2 introduces a new power-ups feature. These allow players to put some water into ducks before the level starts, or create a vacuum around the ducks to pull in surrounding water, as examples.

While Where’s My Water? 2 takes the series to a free-to-play format, hints can be earned or purchased with real money. These hints are called “Show Mes,” and give players a chance to see the next step to successfully completing the stage (but not necessarily collecting the ducks in the process). Players can see as few or as many steps as they’d like in order to get over their current mental road-block.

Finally, an energy system depletes as players complete levels, and offers another revenue stream for Disney.

Where’s My Water? 2 contains over 100 levels and challenges across three in-game locations (the swamp, soap factory and beach), and is now available to download for free on iOS and Windows Phone. The app will launch on Google Play and the Amazon App Store soon. The game offers cloud storage of saves, allowing users to save and access their progress across all devices.