Disney Launches Summer Update in Frozen Free Fall

frozen free fall summer 650Disney has launched its biggest update yet for Frozen Free Fall on mobile devices. The update brings summer fun to the game, complete with a new map of 30 “sunny and bright” levels for players to complete. Specifically, players will join Olaf the snowman to clear levels, as they work to make matches with gems and earn points.

The summer update is separate from the main game, and can be accessed by tapping on the large summer icon on the level map. The expansion content is technically DLC, and is unlocked in one of two ways: by clearing the game’s original 285 levels, or by paying $1.99. Once unlocked, players can instantly dive into the new levels, which each offer their own goals to complete.

One level, for instance, may ask players to make matches with gems to drop collectibles to the bottom of the screen for collection. Meanwhile, another stage asks players to ignite fires by making multiple matches next to piles of firewood. In this particular stage, players will need to focus on creating power-up gems, capable of clearing (or activating) all symbols in a single row or column. As usual, these levels come with a limited number of moves.

Gamers can use power-ups like Olaf’s hot cocoa, as well as the ice pick and extra move bundles, which are also available elsewhere in the game. A brand new power-up is also available. It’s called Olaf’s Sneeze, and it clears the entire board when activated. This sneeze move must be unlocked by collecting a set of flowers throughout gameplay. Each flower is available in specific levels, encouraging players to repeat certain stages multiple times in order to receive the appropriate flower(s).

Frozen Free Fall is available to download for free on iTunes, Google Play, the Windows Store and the Amazon Appstore.