Disney Plans To Start Several New Subscription Magazines for Kids

At a moment where it seems like everyone is lamenting the death of print, Disney is taking the opposite tack — it plans to build a children’s subscription magazine business in the U.S.

Such hopeful news! As it turns out, Disney’s magazine business is just thriving in Europe, and so on Tuesday, it plans to announce the introduction of not merely one but several new subscription magazines, the New York Times reports.

The problem is, of course, that unlike European kids, American kids apparently hate reading because they are too busy playing the latest video games, so even glossy magazines and comic books have been floundering (let alone actual books). Nickolodean killed its own kid magazine in 2009 to concentrate on its websites instead.

But Disney remains hopeful, as well as focused on the bottom line in this gamble — Aparna Pande, Disney’s general manager for American magazines, told the Times: “Kids want them, and moms will pay for them.”

Upcoming Disney glossies to look out for include Phineas and Ferb, a print companion to the animated television series of the same name, a monthly Cars magazine starting in the fall, and planned magazines built around Marvel movies like “Thor” and “Captain America.”

Now it’s just up to the kids to read them.