Disney Interactive’s Star Wars: Assault Team launches on mobile


After a limited launch earlier this year, Disney Interactive has announced the full launch of its newest mobile game, Star Wars: Assault Team. The game combines turn-based combat with a card collection experience, as players will collect and create a team of heroes from the Star Wars universe, and take them into battle against the world’s many villains.

Star Wars: Assault Team offers original story missions set between Episode IV and Episode V of the Star Wars film franchise. Players will start with just a few characters, like Han Solo and Chewbacca, but will eventually unlock hundreds of character cards containing other familiar characters, like Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett and the Tusken Raiders.

Each card is upgradable, and comes with its own stats and special attacks. For instance, Han Solo’s “lucky shot” ability can cause more damage than a basic attack, while Chewbacca can go into a protective rage, forcing all enemies to attack him and not a weaker teammate.


Players receive both item and character cards as they complete missions. These item cards, along with coins, the game’s free currency, can be used to upgrade characters, increasing their HP, attack power and more.

The game relies on an energy system for starting missions, which limits the length of a single gameplay session. Additional energy can be purchased with real money. Gamers can also purchase Hero Crates, which contain one hero and two item cards. Premium crates contain more valuable cards than those available  for coins.

Star Wars: Assault Team is available to download for free on iOS, Google Play, the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store. The game is set for release on the Amazon App Store as well. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.