Disney Interactive Launches Cinderella Free Fall on Mobile

The match-three game challenges friends to help Ella and her animal friends complete 100 increasingly difficult stages.

Cinderella Free Fall

Disney Interactive has announced the launch of Cinderella Free Fall, the third title in its popular puzzle franchise, which combines famous Disney properties with match-three gameplay. The first two games were set in the worlds of Frozen and Maleficent, while this third is based on the upcoming live-action version of Cinderella, which hits theaters March 13. The first two Free Fall games have been downloaded more than 105 million times, for a combined total of more than 51 billion minutes played.

Cinderella Free FallIn Cinderella: Free Fall, players begin as young Ella, joined by her animal friends Gus and Jacqueline, as they complete 100 levels by making matches with butterfly jewels on each game board. Each level has a move limit and a different requirement, from earning a large number of points to collecting large quantities of specific kinds of gems, and so on.

Gameplay here sees players tapping and dragging their finger across groups of like-colored gems to remove them from the screen, with larger matches creating special power-up gems on the board. If players can connect a group of at least six gems, for instance, they’ll create a power-up capable of clearing one whole row or column of gems from the board, regardless of color. Meanwhile, a move with a loop (which connects the first gem back to itself) will destroy all of the gems inside of the loop as well.

Players earn up to three butterflies on each stage (think stars), depending on their final score. If gamers fail to complete a level before running out of moves, they lose a life, which recharges over time.

Additional power-ups are available for purchase during the game. One allows gamers to clear one chosen gem from the board, for instance, while another can be used to clear all gems of a specific color. Gamers can also purchase additional moves if they’re going to otherwise fail a level, while Ella’s animal friends eventually become available for even more help during stages.

Cinderella Free Fall is available to download for free on the iTunes App StoreGoogle Play and the Windows Phone Store.

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