Disney Infinity: Toy Box updated with new toy bundles, rewards program


Disney Interactive has announced a game-changing update for its Disney Infinity: Toy Box app on iOS, giving gamers access to a fully playable version of Disney Infinity’s Toy Box mode, and the ability to add new toys to their Toy Boxes without connecting to the console version of the game. The app now includes waves one and two of the platform’s power discs, a group of pre-made adventures, and all of the Mastery Tutorials found in the console and PC title.

New to the app is the Toy Box rewards program, which gives players free items for their loyalty. When fans login to the Disney Infinity app at least four times in a single week, they’ll unlock some of these pre-made adventures (selected from the console game) and toys they can use in their creations.

There are 11 adventures available to earn in all, and users will win three Toy Box items for each adventure they complete. Since these adventures are completed with specific characters, the game offers access to those characters even if players do not own them.


In addition, three Toy Box items are rewarded to players for completing each of the six free Mastery Tutorials.

Additional Disney Infinity characters are available via in-app purchase, with each offering two character-specific Toy Box items. If players have already purchased characters before this update, they’ll receive the matching toys automatically after updating the app.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box is available to download for free on iOS and the Windows Store. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.

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