Disney Goes High Fashion at Barney’s

Anyone notice that Minnie Mouse is looking a bit…slimmer these days? If so, you probably caught a glimpse of Barney’s newest promo campaign, “Electric Holiday”. This collaborative project is the closest you’ll get to an all-out marriage of classic Disney characters and the cartoonish personalities who populate the world of international fashion.

Barney’s CEO Mark Lee unveiled his company’s newest PR offensive yesterday at the retailer’s Madison Avenue flagship store with the help of Disney CEO Bob Iger, fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker, and a certain mousy celebrity (who thankfully appeared as the full-sized Minnie).

The campaign, based on Disney’s classic “Main Street Electrical Parade”, drew a bit of criticism for transforming Mickey’s lovably round soul mate–and her friends Snow White and Daisy Duck–into waif-thin caricatures of modeldom. There’s little doubt that the unbelievably slender characters depicted embody a physically impossible fantasy land filled with pouting divas, desperate paparazzi and snooty, unforgiving tastemakers…

Oh wait–we just described the fashion industry, didn’t we? Check out these pictures direct from the Barney’s window display and see for yourself:

Minnie shows more than a little leg

Minnie dreaming of Paris as she gazes into the Barney’s window It’s closer than you think… Minnie and Donald with Sarah Jessica Parker Starstruck by Lady Gaga Pesky Paparazzi Cruella preps for the runway Everyone’s a critic Work it …and back to the window just in time for Mickey to save the day.

Here’s one of the promo pics that got Disney in trouble (via WWD):


What do we think? Classy? Trashy? Did Barney’s soil a treasured brand, or is this just a natural, win-win meeting of art and commerce?