Disney: Go ahead, touch that dial

Word is on the Street (or at least, the Street.com) that Disney will likely announce that it has sold its ABC Radio group to Las Vegas-based Citadel Broadcasting for around $2.8 billion. They are, in case you were wondering, the fifth largest radio broadcasting company in the country, operating 155 FM and 58 AM radio stations in 47 markets.

Per the New York Times’ DealBook, the deal could be announced as soon as the NYSE closes in a couple hours, or might be pushed until tomorrow. lamp.jpeg.gif

Either way, it’s a long-in-the-offing deal that should make digesting Pixar financially a bit easier on the Mouse.

But speaking of which, I just got off the phone with Jeffrey Young the co-author of the new book “iCon: Steve Jobs, the Greatest Second Act in the History of Business.” He says the integration of little Pixar into Disney as “problematic” to say the least, not finanically, but culturally. How does a company so secret it actually jams cell phone signals on its campus mesh with a $49 billion conglomerate?radio.jpeg.jpg

Stay tuned, Mouseketeers.