Disney Embraces $8.99 eBook Pricing

Disney is embracing the $8.99 price point for its eBooks. In an interview on AppModo.com, Yves Saada, VP of Digital Media at Disney Publishing Worldwide, talked about pricing and the future of digital publishing.
From the interview, “The $8.99 point is the average price of books we’ve found in the iBookstore, which kind of makes sense for our own books. That price also includes a 1-month subscription for our web based content (DisneyDigitalBooks.com).”
Disney also has plans to make eBooks more interactive. Saada said that Disney Publishing’s mission is, “to create books for children that offer an enjoyable reading experience and use a natural and fun interface on an emerging new platform. The ability to use a natural interface with your fingers is an awesome opportunity for us to add other features as well, such as color painting, drawing, and more.”
Disney has reading games that incorporate karaoke and a coloring book feature in which kids can email colored in documents to friends and family.