Disney Digicomics OK on iPhone-Probably Great Looking on an iPad

Screenshot courtesy of Walt Disney

A lot of people seem to think that ebooks will be a hot category for Apple’s iPad (I agree). Some people think that the iPad will save the current dead-tree magazine industry (I think this is only true for the clever ones able to adapt to the 21st century). A few people think that comics and graphic novel reading will be a big thing for the iPad. Actually, I think I’ve only read one other person (besides me) write about this.

While I favor the more general purpose ebook and comic reading apps (think Kindle for iPhone), the more focused ones get a passing grade from me too if they permit downloading and reading multiple issues from that one app (in-app purchase). Here’s one that looks passably good on an iPhone that will probably be an app used to show off how good comic book pages look on an iPad…

Disney Digicomics 1.0.1

This app is sold by Disney and allows in-app purchases of Disney comic books (Mickey, Donald, Scrooge McDuck, etc.). Individual comic books appear to be priced at either 99 cents or $1.99.

Reviews of the iPhone version note that the comics are cropped and not properly formatted. Some users of this free app were surprised by the in-app purchase of individual comic books. I certainly hope that Disney will take care of redigitizing the comics for the iPad launch. The anti-in-app purchase sentiment will probably diminish over time. And, some of the issues of “reading a comic book through a keyhole” (one panel at a time) will go away when viewed on an iPad.