Disney Creates New CD Format, Finds it Still Doesn’t Fit Into iPods

Not sure what Disney is thinking here, but they just launched a new CD format.

CNN Money is reporting that Disney’s Hollywood Records label unveiled Wednesday what it is calling CDVU+, pronounced CD view plus, at the Samsung Experience store at New York’s Time Warner Center. First up on this new format will be the pop-punk trio The Jonas Brothers, due in stores August 7.

According to Media Biz blogger Paul R. La Monica, the CD will launch a digital magazine that features loads of exclusive content. “Disney worked with Zinio, a company that helps magazine and book publishers deliver content online, to launch this service,” La Monica said. “The CDVU+ will also allow Jonas Brothers fans to check out videos and photos, get song lyrics and create posters.”

That sounds great and all, but as La Monica notes, most musicians and labels already offer online content and extras for existing albums. And when you buy an album from iTunes, you often end up with a digital booklet, extra songs, and exclusive videos. So what’s the draw in launching another variation of a physical medium with plummeting sales? We have no idea.

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