Disney Collects 69 Million Facebook Fans, and Counting

Disney has an interesting and interactive way of tracking its fan across brands on Facebook. The company has set up a leaderboard of all of its other Pages as its landing Page on the main Disney site showing that, across all its movie and character Pages, the company boasts just over 69 million Facebook Likes.

We first noticed the leaderboard in our Top 20 Pages post earlier this week when Disney’s Page took tenth place after 534,800 new Likes. The Page greets a visitor with the leaderboard prominently displaying the total, currently about 69.1 million Likes, plus well as the company’s top 5 Facebook Pages.

These Pages include the main Disney Page with 8.7 million Likes, followed by “Toy Story” with 7.2 million, then Disney Pixar with 4.6 million, the fish character Dory from “Finding Nemo” with 4.1 million and then Disneyland with 4 million Likes.

You can then click to see all the Pages, which are many, and include other Pages like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and Timon and Pumba from “The Lion King.” Disney maintains over one hundred Pages on Facebook that belong to characters from Disney movies or movies themselves, going back to some of Disney’s first animated features, like “Snow White.”

Other than that, the Page does share some Disney-related news and posts about old and upcoming projects on the Wall. We wrote recently about Disney’s acquisition of Playdom on Inside Social Games, noting that the company has a long-term Facebook strategy in mind with the July purchase — tightly integrating Disney content into social games.

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