Disney Animated launches for iPad, offers unique look inside studio

Image via Touch Press
Image via Touch Press

Disney, in collaboration with award-winning developer Touch Press, has released a new premium iPad app entitled Disney Animated, which is available today in the App Store for $13.99. The app unlocks unprecedented access to the art and technology behind the studio’s 53 full-length animated pictures, and despite the steep price, looks to have just the type of behind-the-curtain access Disney fans dream of.

The incredibly thorough app offers everything from sketches and storyboards to interactive illustrations highlighted by the ability to actually peel the animation layers to reveal the work-in-progress steps an artist must go through to complete the final drawings. Wannabe artists will even be able to utilize the app’s 3-D animation package (based on the real Disney software) to help make Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph come alive on screen, or control the snow effects from Frozen.

“Walt Disney Animation Studios’ top animators, artists and technicians brought their expertise to this app to help create an incredibly authentic experience which represents our studio’s rich legacy,” said Dave Bossert, co-author of Disney Animated and Producer, Creative Director, Head of Walt Disney Animation Studios Special Projects via press release. “We’re excited to show the world the art and technology behind how we make our films and inspire the next generation of animators.”

Added Theodore Gray, co-author of Disney Animated and Chief Creative Officer of Touch Press: “The world of Disney animation is amazingly rich and deep. The more you look into it, the more surprising and delightful it becomes.

“We rethought from the ground up how this story should be told, now that we can tell it with words, pictures, clips, sounds, and interactive workshops that let you apply what you’ve learned.”