Dish Takes Over YouTube With Spanish-Speaking World Cup Ad

100 million impressions in two days

Dish signed up for 100 million impressions with a far-reaching YouTube video campaign. The TV provider bought the top spot on YouTube over two days—the masthead on desktop and mobile—showing a video spot it first created for Hispanic markets.

The Juego Bonito campaign launched in March, and now the company says it is the first Spanish-language ad to show on YouTube’s masthead in the U.S.

James Moorhead, Dish Network's CMO, said the ad had high cross-over appeal, allowing the company to use the same spot for English-speaking audiences.

Moorhead said ads generate 100 million impressions just for sitting in such a high-traffic area. He did not say how much they cost.

Dish is promoting its TV service alongside the World Cup. Ahead of the tournament, in Hispanic markets, the digital effort led to 257 million impressions and 1.75 million YouTube views, and that was before the latest masthead takeovers Monday and Tuesday. (UPDATE: DISH said since its masthead ad spot on YouTube, views are up to 2.7 million.)

The company shared some stats on how well its YouTube digital efforts are performing. Here’s a look:

YouTube Search

12 million impressions

1.01 percent click-through rate

YouTube TrueView InStream

0.63 percent click-through rate

12 percent view-through rate

15.7 million impressions

1.8 million views

YouTube TrueView InDisplay

0.23 percent view-through rate

89 million impressions


22 percent watched the full video

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