Discovr Apps: A Great Free Way to Discover iPhone & iPad Apps You Might Like

Discovr Apps is a free app for the iPhone and iPad that helps you discover new apps related to one you use or are interested in. If, for example, you enjoy using the Facebook app for the iPhone, you can have Discovr Apps search for other apps similar to it. Or, if you are considering buying a photo editing app but would like to learn about alternative before making a purchase, this app can help you find other photo editors. Only six apps recommendations are displayed. However, this is not a limitation. Tapping any of the recommended apps reveals six more apps similar to the one tapped.

You can see in my example that I started looking for apps similar to the Facebook app, then tapped on the Google+ app. Tapping on Google Earth, which is related to Google+ by company, revealed a set of map apps. Your discoveries can be shared via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Discovr Apps is one of those apps that you could sit down with and spend time, perhaps too much time, discovering apps that interest you.